How to Import Thunderbird Inbox to Microsoft Outlook for Non-Technical Users

This post will teach you how to import Thunderbird inbox to Microsoft Outlook. We’ll go over various techniques for moving MBOX mailbox data. We’ll also go through which has the best ideal solution to convert MBOX to PST.

MBOX is a mailbox file format that is supported by Thunderbird, Entourage, Opera Mail, and other email clients. It saves all mailbox objects such as inbox, sent, draft, trash, archive, and so on. As a result, you can back up your mailbox items in these files. However, for a variety of reasons, most users are transferring their MBOX files to Outlook.

Let’s look at why people are transferring their MBOX files to the Outlook email client.

The Benefits of Migrating from MBOX to Outlook

Because the MBOX file format has significant limitations. Users are importing their MBOX files into Outlook. Outlook is also a sophisticated email client with various features. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons for importing MBOX to Outlook.

  1. Many IT professionals and businesses use Outlook as their email client.
  2. Email clients that support the MBOX file type are no longer supported.
  3. Because MBOX files are fragile, they are not appropriate for mailbox backup.
  4. Users using MS Outlook have access to a number of advanced features.
  5. Outlook not only sends and receives emails, but also manages contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, and notes.
  6. PST files are widely accepted and excellent for backup.
  7. Your Outlook account can also be linked to Office 365 and other Outlook products.

Most users prefer Outlook and PST files over MBOX files for the reasons stated above. Let’s have a look at how to access MBOX files in Outlook.

Reasons to Convert MBOX to PST Format

When it comes to compatibility, the MBOX file format simply allows users to access email messages, whereas the PST format lets them access emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, and more. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons listed below:

The PST file’s revolutionary format

The PST format is used to improve the performance of the mailbox. It also assists users in overcoming the limitations of MBOX, which are limited to email.

There is no requirement for internet access.

PST users do not require internet access to access emails that have previously open. They can use the emails they’ve already opened even if they don’t have access to the internet.

Better security and a more user-friendly file format

PST comes with a slew of complex capabilities that are simple to use. It also assists users in account management. Additionally, it includes enhanced security protections for emails and attachments.

Anti-spam protection

When Thunderbird fails to filter spam email messages, the PST format always aids the user in preventing data from undesired emails.

Using a Manual Method to Import MBOX to Outlook

MBOX to Outlook transfer can be accomplished in a number of ways. To import MBOX to Outlook 2016 or other versions, you can use manual methods. They’re both free and effective methods. For the migration, you’ll need to do some manual actions.

  1. To import MBOX files into Outlook, follow the steps below.
  2. To begin, download Mozilla Thunderbird and install it on your computer.
  3. Now, go to this email client and add and configure your email account.
  4. After that, restart your Thunderbird account and install the ImportExportTools add-on.
  5. Then, in Thunderbird, select Tools from the top menu bar.
  6. Choose ImportExportTools from the drop-down menu.
  7. Then select the MBOX file import option.
  8. Then, in Outlook, open the MBOX file and select all of the emails.
  9. Save chosen messages by right-clicking on the selected emails.
  10. After that, select EML from the drop-down menu.
  11. Then, choose where these EML files will be saved.

Using the Drag-and-Drop Method, you can now Effortlessly Import these EML Files into Outlook.

It is a straightforward manual procedure for importing MBOX files into Outlook. However, because it comprises several sophisticate procedures. It may be a little difficult for certain people.

Import Thunderbird Inbox to Microsoft Outlook with Third-Party Software

To import Thunderbird inbox to Microsoft Outlook, MBOX to PST Converter is a highly recommend tool. You can also convert your MBOX files to PST files without using any software. It comes with a number of advanced features. MBOX files can convert to a variety of file formats and email clients using the program. Because the software includes an interactive user interface and a straightforward working technique. it is simple to use.


For most new users, manually importing Thunderbird Inbox to Microsoft Outlook and other versions is fairly difficult. As a result, third-party software is an excellent choice for migrating MBOX data to Outlook. MBOX Converter is a simple and efficient tool for converting MBOX files to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, and Outlook PST files. Among other formats. As a result, exporting the files is simple. Advanced features and an interactive user interface are included in the software.

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