Termite Prevention in Gaithersburg: Keeping Your Home Safe Against Silent Destroyers

As a homeowner, you probably know how damaging termites can be. Such silent destroyers feed on the cellulose in wood and can also damage books, insulation, and cardboard paper for the same substance. Sadly, you may not be aware of the presence of termites until significant damage has already been done. To prevent termites from causing damage in your house, get advice from Gaithersburg pest control company experts. To protect your house from these pests, here are some steps you can take:

Get Rid of Cardboard, Wood, and Mulch

Termites tend to thrive on consuming lumber, paper, cardboard, mulch, and wood. To prevent them from getting into your house, keep such materials away from the foundation. 

Move Plants

Plants should be placed at least two feet from your home’s exterior walls. This can discourage termites from moving into your house. Also, you should prune back shrubs and trees from the foundation and exterior of your house. Keep in mind that termites can use branches to access your house.

Get Rid of Excess Moisture

Termites are expected to follow water or moisture into your home. Thus, you must shore up leaks or excess moisture. Examine your house for leaky faucets and address water-damaged ceilings, floors, and walls. Also, check the roof for leaks or tiny holes. Sprinkler heads should be turned away from your house. Ensure drains do not flow into your exterior walls. 

Conduct Regular Inspections

Termites are a year-round problem for homeowners. When every season starts, check your home’s interior and exterior for signs of these pests. Find small, light brown mud tubes on walls, along the foundation, and descending from the ceiling. Also, check the closets, room corners, and the garage for these signs. If you discover signs of termites, contact a professional immediately. The professional can thoroughly inspect your home for termites and address the issues effectively. 

Seek Out Professional Treatment 

Pest control experts will start their service with a thorough home inspection. They will determine the extent and seriousness of the infestation and offer treatment recommendations. Often, treatments involve digging a shallow trench around the house and filling it with a non-repellant product. Termites cannot detect this product, so they just go about their activity, walk through the product, and transfer it back to other termites in their colony. Following the completion of treatment, the technician will backfill the trench and add a replacement to the existing ground coverings. Afterwards, no visible evidence is left behind. However, the protective barrier continues to protect your property against termites for years. 

In addition, pest control experts may provide you with a treatment warranty. Should you spot new termites during the warranty period, the technician will return and treat your property at no cost.

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