Storing Grain Products in an Attractive and Effective Way

Finding the right way to store and display food is one of the key steps to marketing it in any niche, but for grain it can be even more challenging. From finished and ready to eat products like cereal and granola to packaged grains like rice or even varieties of flour, you need to be able to keep goods fresh and moisture levels in check.

Custom Printed Package Designs

Custom printing that carries your brand’s logo, colors, and graphics will be a must if you want to stand out on shelves. Regardless of your choice of presentation, you’re not going to let customers know what you offer if you don’t show off your logo and communicate about your goods. That means you need an inexpensive option that is easy to print over. Ease of printing is why cardboard boxes with bags inside for freshness were popular, but today there are options for pouch packaging that can be printed on directly like custom mylar bags.

Protective Mylar Packaging

Mylar is a top choice for today’s food producers because it is incredibly protective. The material itself is durable, resisting damage that could puncture or tear other plastic options. For grain products, that means you can count on keeping moisture out and maintaining freshness.

It is easy to print on for your branding, too, and that means you can go with a single-packaging solution instead of layers of nested materials that each do one part of your packaging goals. If you are not using this option yet, check out this list of foods to store in mylar bags to see just how important it can be for freshness for several popular food items.

Visibility and Shelf Space

Packaging that makes the most of the space for your product in terms of both visibility and storage can be the key to moving items through stores quickly. That’s why a lot of companies providing protein powders, single use drink mixes, and even single-use seasoning have turned to stick pack packaging. They can be densely stored in larger boxed units that are set up into a display, they are easy to spot from the vertical orientation, and it’s easy to keep a lot of them on the shelf. Stand-up pouches for products that go out in larger volume than those powders and mixes can also serve a similar purpose.

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Ecologically Friendly Options

Customers are increasingly demanding ecologically friendly packaging, which means several things. The more of them you accomplish at once, the more appealing your goods will be to the demographics that are invested in green products.

  • Single-material with simple packaging design
  • Minimal use of materials without compromising freshness or protection
  • Recyclable and/or made from recycled materials
  • Biodegradable and/or compostable

You probably won’t find options that are both easy to recycle and highly biodegradable if you’re looking to keep an air and water-tight seal, but mylar handles the first three. You can recycle it and you can find packaging made from recycled materials. It’s easy to design a single-material bag that keeps you from having to go through layers of packaging to open it, too. Check out your options today and see what a change of packaging can do for your products.

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