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Whether you are looking to download Hindi movies or watch Bollywood movies online, you will find what you need on desiremovies.com. The website is very user-friendly and contains Hindi Bollywood and Hindi dubbed movies, as well as Hollywood movies in various genres. Using this website is entirely legal. However, some people have questioned the legality of downloading movies from desiremovies. In this article, you will learn the legality of downloading movies from desiremovies.

Pirated website

The Desiremovies website has become a well-known source of illegal downloads of movies and web series. This website continues to expand its list of free movies and series despite the fact that it is a pirated website. The site’s name and domain name are a counterfeit, which means it is illegal to use in many countries. Nevertheless, the site continues to receive millions of users and continues to provide free movie downloads.

The site also offers a large selection of TV shows and movies. While some sites only have older films and TV shows, Desiremovies regularly releases new movies and series. Users can download movies and TV shows in various languages and with subtitles if they prefer. While there is no guarantee that Desiremovies will keep the files for a long time, the site is a great source of free movies and shows.

Movie downloader

The website Desiremovies.com allows you to download movies that have been released in theaters and is no longer available in physical format. It began as a simple site that has now grown to millions of regular users. Because of its high popularity, it also generates a significant amount of revenue from advertisements. There are various categories of movies to choose from. You can download them to your PC, mobile, or both.

The site is very easy to use, and has a section that lets you browse through the movies by category or genre. There are links on the site for free downloads of both movies and television series. This makes it easier to find and download movies from the site. While some sites charge for this service, Desiremovies offers it for free. Once you’ve signed up, you can download movies and TV shows at no charge.

Movie streaming site

There are many advantages of using desiremovies as a movie streaming site. For one, it is completely free and ad-free. The website’s user interface is also simple, making it easy to navigate. In addition to a variety of movie categories, you can also search for new releases. This site uses public APIs from leading movie sites, so most movies are uploaded with their trailers. You can even learn more about the movies, such as their ratings and release dates.

Downloading movies from desiremovies is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is open the site in your browser, type the film’s name in the search bar, and click the search icon. After selecting the movie, you will have the option to instantly watch it, download it to watch later, or save it to your computer. With the site’s light theme, downloading movies is easy and fast, and it requires less data on your part.

Legality of downloading movies from desiremovies

Whether downloading movies from the DesireMovies website is illegal depends on the movie’s quality. There are a variety of video formats to choose from, including 360p, 720p, and 1080p. However, downloading movies from DesireMovies is illegal. In fact, piracy is a serious crime punishable by law. If you are caught downloading pirated content, you can expect to pay hefty fines or even jail time.


Though DesireMovies is a popular movie download website in India, there is still a question of whether downloading pirated content from this website is legal. While the website offers pirated movies, it is based in the United States and managed by an American. Regardless of this, the website is not responsible for the content that it provides. Rather, it offers high-quality movies in different genres. You can browse by genre, or find movies by genre. In addition to movies, the site also hosts cartoons and TV shows.


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